Fellowship and Fermentation

Johnny Meckles stands in front of a classroom.
Johnny Meckles delivers his presentation “The Science and Art of Beer” Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, in Eckles Hall.

Johnny Meckles, a sophomore in food science and nutrition, cracked open thousands of years of the history and the science of beer making on Tuesday during a presentation to the Food Science Association, a student organization.

This past summer Meckles studied abroad in Germany on a Gilman Scholarship, which funds study abroad for Pell Grant–eligible students.

“The trip gave me a better understanding of what I was getting into,” says Meckles, who wants to be a brewmaster, “and augmented my excitement for it.”

Meckles worked with the Fellowships Office on his Gilman application, revising it multiple times before submitting. The $5,000 award fully covered the cost of his travel and study.