About Us

The fundamental purpose of the MU Fellowships Office is to identify high-ability and high-achieving students as early as possible in their college careers and to assist them in developing their potential as candidates for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships.  The Fellowships Office encourages students to combine scholarship and research with service and leadership in order to prepare them for meaningful experiences after they have completed their degree programs.  The office serves both undergraduate and graduate students.

Our Services

  • Provide information on various fellowships available to MU students and alumni;
  • Conduct group- and course-based informational sessions;
  • Consult with individual students to identify appropriate options/funding opportunities;
  • Assist students in discovering means of enhancing their educational experiences and improving their chances of earning a competitive fellowship;
  • Provide personalized guidance on applications;
  • Offer tips on personal statements, résumés, essays, letters of recommendation, etc.