Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships Campus Deadline: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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Campus Endorsement Change

For several years, the University of Missouri (MU) Fellowships Office has facilitated the campus endorsement process for MU candidates for the Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes scholarships early in the fall semester.

Starting this spring, the Fellowships Office – in consultation with our Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes campus review committee – is changing the timeline for campus endorsements for these awards.

The campus deadline for MU candidates to apply for a 2020 Marshall, Mitchell, and/or Rhodes scholarship is Wednesday, May 15, 2019, followed by campus endorsement interviews taking place on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

In the past, the campus deadline to apply for the Rhodes, Marshall, and/or Mitchell scholarships has been approximately September 1. The Fellowships Office sets a campus deadline so that campus review committee members have time to read application materials prior to endorsement interviews.

Conducting this process in the spring is a common practice among peer institutions, and the Fellowships Office believes this change will be a positive one for several reasons. The most notable benefits are that 1) applicants who receive an endorsement will have more time to develop themselves as candidates for these opportunities; 2) candidates will also have more opportunities to incorporate comments and suggestions they receive during the endorsement interview, from mentors, and from Fellowships Office staff.


Information for Candidates

Interested candidates should be in touch with the Fellowships Office in April so that its staff can help them assess their candidacy and support them throughout the endorsement process.

The Fellowships Office asks interested candidates to attend an information session on Wednesday, April 10, from 1:00-2:00 pm in Tate Hall 110 (RSVP here). This session will cover selection criteria for these awards, how to search for graduate schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and application materials required for the campus deadline.

If candidates live outside Columbia, they are welcome to attend the session through Zoom (contact Rachel at to ask for this accommodation). If candidates are unable to attend this session, they are highly encouraged to make an appointment with Tim Parshall (Fellowships Office Director) and Rachel Newman (Fellowships Office Assistant Director) by April 15. Email to set-up an appointment.


Information for MU Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

The Fellowships Office depends on faculty, staff, and administrators to identify and mentor strong candidates for these awards.

We ask that you encourage your exceptional students to have a conversation with the Fellowships Office. Students should email Mr. Tim Parshall (Fellowships Office Director) and Ms. Rachel Newman (Fellowships Office Assistant Director) at to make an appointment.

We recommend administrators, faculty, and staff personally encourage students to consider applying for these awards, as your recommendation means more than an initial contact from our office.


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