Health for America Fellowship Program

In this fulltime program, up to six fellows will learn about health innovation from leaders in the field. They will work with patients, providers, payers and local communities to understand their perspectives. Fellows will use entrepreneurial techniques, with support from seasoned mentors to prototype and test solutions, iterating rapidly to create high impact solutions.

Fellows will be based in Delaware, with travel to San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York, and other cities.

Structure of the Fellowship Program

Selection:  Health for America is looking for young leaders from a broad variety of backgrounds ranging from computer science to design to entreprenuership to health. The program is targeted to college graduates who have completed their undergraduate degree no more than three years prior to applying for the fellowship. We are looking for aptitude; creativity; passion; team-work; leadership; interpersonal skills and integrity.

Orientation:  The fellowship begins with an orientation that includes sessions on team-building, an introduction to chronic disease, community engagement, program building, ethics, sustainability and leadership.

Placement:  The core team will be formed by three fellows and with at least one who has proficiency programming  and coding. These core teams will be assigned to a major partner medical institution and paired with a physician champion and a community leader to form the team.

Phase 1 (Understand):  Fellows will embark on extensive data gathering and landscape analysis with the support of the community leader, physician and nurse champions. They will prepare a report covering the community-specific root causes, familiarize themselves with existing programs, review available resources and understand community strengths and weaknesses.

Phase 2 (Build/Iterate):  Fellows will work with their teams to design and implement a health solution. Techniques used in technology companies (such as lean startup) as well as resources from private sector partners and ongoing mentorship will be used to foster innovation and maximize impact. Online tools will enable fellows to collaborate, share resources and learn from each other.

Phase 3 (Sustain):  Fellows will focus the last part of the fellowship on evaluating the impact of the solution as well as working with partners to create mechanisms that ensure sustainability.

Graduation: Fellows present their solutions to the communities, medical centers, innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, partners and the incoming class of new fellows.

Interspersed throughout the program will be workshops including some on design thinking, lean startup, quality improvement, a lecture series with thought leaders in health and innovation as well as travel to attend conferences, visit innovation hubs and learn how other communties approach health challenges.


Fellows will be chosen through a competitive process based on aptitude, creativity, integrity, teamwork and leadership.

Health for America is looking for passionate change makers from a variety of backgrounds including computer programming, design, medicine, public health, technology, management, and science.  Current college seniors are welcome to apply. The fellowship is restricted to US Citizens only.


Fellows will receive a stipend of $50,000. In addition, all travel and workshop expenses will be covered by Health for America.


The deadline for applications is typically late February. Early applications are encouraged.