MU Premed Alumni Network

The University of Missouri has a long tradition of excellence in pre-medical education. Although the competition for top students has become greater each year, MU exceeds national averages in the percentage of students attending medical school. For that trend to continue and for the University of Missouri to continue to recruit top students, the MU Premed Alumni Network was established. Joining the MU Premed Alumni Network is one of the best ways to show your Tiger Pride.

The MU Premed Alumni Network seeks to assist undergraduate pre-medical students through networking assistance, guidance on admission to medical schools, and access to role models in medical careers. MU Premed Alumni Network members serve as ambassadors, sharing their experience and providing guidance to current MU students. Many applicants have questions about the application experience, and alumni are in a unique position to share their own histories.

MU Premed Alumni Network Benefits

  • Expand your professional network
  • Refine your mentoring skills
  • Develop meaningful connections with undergraduate students
  • Make an impact
  • Stay Connected

For more information about the MU Premed Alumni Network, please email: