General Application Timeline for Medical/Dental School

Timeframe Event
September Attend MDAP Orientation (Medical and Dental School Application Program) and submit your MDAP Application and Self-Assessment
October MCAT and DAT preparation begins.

Schedule an appointment with your MedOpp Adviser through MU Connect to discuss:

  • your first draft of your Health Professions CV
  • your self-assessment
December Register for spring MCAT. MCAT registration information is available at

For most students, it is best to take the MCAT during the months of April-May. June-September MCATs may be late (for schools with rolling admissions) and can possibly have an adverse effect on your application. Early Decision Program (EDP) applicants must take the MCAT no later than July.

Register for DAT. DAT registration information is available at

For most students, it is best to take the DAT during the months of April-June.

Attend MDAP Committee Interview Application Workshop to learn about the Committee Interview Process at MU.

January This is probably the last semester of academic work medical schools will see deciding whether or not to interview you, so make it a good one!

Begin contacting possible references to write letters of recommendation/ evaluation. We suggest that you include recommendations from three faculty members (two science professors, one non-science professor) and additional letters from persons with whom you’ve worked (as a volunteer, employee, research assistant, etc.). Four to six total letters of recommendation are suggested.

Attend MDAP Personal Statement Workshop.

March-April Participate in a Mock Interview at the MU Career Center.

Schedule an appointment with your MedOpp Adviser through MU Connect to discuss:

  • your final draft of your Health Professions CV
  • your final draft of your personal statement

Attend MDAP AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS Workshops and Interview Preparation Workshops.

May AMCAS/AACOMAS applications are available online, to manipulate only, in May.

Health Professions Committee Interviews begin.

If you are applying Early Decision to Medical School you must solicit letters from your recommenders before the Spring Semester ends.

June June 1st (approximately) is the earliest date you can file your AMCAS/AACOMAS application (medical school application).

  • If you are applying Early Decision, you must file your application sometime within the next month.
  • We strongly recommend that you submit your AMCAS application as soon as you have received your MCAT scores. The sooner your application is complete, the sooner your file will be reviewed by the medical schools and (hopefully) an interview offer extended. This will speed the process up a bit for you in the fall and will be one less thing to worry about once classes have started.

June 1st (approximately) is the day AADSAS opens (dental application).

July Health Professions Committee Interviews continues.
August Early Decision Candidates should interview by mid July.

After your Health Professions Committee Interview, attend a debriefing with the MedOpp Adviser.

Invitations to submit secondary (also called supplemental) applications will begin to arrive during this time period. Many of these will be submitted online. Return completed secondary applications ASAP. Timely completion of these applications is important!

September – February Professional school interviews start and will continue until spring with the majority from November through February. EDP candidates will interview in early September.

Secondary applications continue to arrive. Remember to complete these in a timely manner.

March 15 Most students will be notified of status with medical schools to which they have applied, namely accepted, rejected, or wait listed.

If you have not been accepted to any medical schools at this point, you should make an appointment to meet with your MedOpp Adviser to discuss re-application. (573-882-6224)

May 15 Deadline for students holding more than one acceptance. Most movement off the wait list happens now.