Committee Interview

Committee Interviews are only available for first-time medical and dental applicants who are currently enrolled MU students or recent MU graduates. To be eligible for a Health Professions Committee Interview and Letter, students must:

  • Be a first-time applicant to medical/dental school
  • Be a current MU student or graduated no earlier than December 2021
  • Have attended or made up the Application Support Program events
  • Have a minimum 3.0 math/science GPA and a minimum overall 3.0 GPA
  • Have taken the MCAT by mid June (dates TBD) or the DAT by mid July (dates TBD)
  • Score a minimum 500 on the MCAT or 18 on the DAT
  • Submit the Committee Interview Application with supporting materials and payment the application deadline of May 5, 2023.

*If you do not meet one of the eligibility requirements, you have the option to petition the committee for an interview.


To apply for a Committee Interview, follow the link below. To facilitate the completion of your application, you will need the following information available:

  • Applicant Information
  • MCAT or DAT date(s) and/or scores*
  • Health Professions CV/Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • List of Letter Writers and their email address**
  • List of medical/dental school applications (e.g. AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, TMDSAS) and programs (e.g. Early Decision Program, MD-PhD, UMKC)***
  • Biography Questionnaire:
    • Why do you want to be a physician/dentist? (250 word limit)
    • Tell us a little bit about your journey in making this career decision. (250 word limit)
    • Tell us about a specific experience you had that confirmed medicine/dentistry is the right career choice for you. (250 word limit)
    • If you have been involved in research, please give an overview of your research project(s). (250 word limit)

 *MCAT or DAT Scores

Please remember:

  • When registering for the MCAT, be sure to release scores to “pre-health advisor”.
  • Dental school applicants must send a copy of their DAT test results to the MedOpp Advising Office ( before their Committee Interview.

**Letter of Recommendation

Evaluations are important. They are personal statements about you as well as about your work. Think carefully about the evaluations you solicit. Medical and dental school admissions committees are interested in academic achievement, motivation, suitability for a medical/dental career, and those variables that make you an interesting person. Think of those aspects of your work and activities you wish presented and who might do that best.

Applicants should have four to six letters of evaluation. Committees generally prefer to hear from faculty members who have taught you in a class: two science professors and a professor from a non-science area. You may also wish to consider physicians/dentists with whom you’ve worked or shadowed, as well as coaches, employers, and volunteer and research supervisors.

Applicants must enter the name and contact information of the individuals they wish to submit letter of recommendation on the online Committee Interview Application. Applicants must submit their application for the system to send a link to chosen evaluators. Each evaluator will receive an email to submit the letter of recommendation.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their letter of recommendation writers submit their letters at least 48 hours in advance of their interview with the Health Professions Committee.

***Medical/Dental School Applications

Please remember:

  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their list of medical/dental school applications (e.g. AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, TMDSAS) and programs (e.g. Early Decision Program, MD-PhD, UMKC) are up-to-date and accurate.
  • You may make changes to this list up to the time of your interview with the Health Professions Committee by contacting the MedOpp Advising Office.
  • After the Committee Interview, your interviewers will write and transmit a Committee Letter. This process takes approximately 3 weeks.
  • Committee Letters will not be sent until you have submitted your AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS/AADSAS application. AAMC Letter ID form is needed if applying to allopathic schools. Select “release to pre-health advisor” on the application.


Apply Here

Please remember:

  • Students who have submitted required materials will be contacted by the MedOpp Advising Office to schedule a Committee Interview. Committee Interviews will be conducted from May through August; we have a finite number interview slots, so they are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you are not eligible for a Committee Interview, or if demand for interviews exceeds staff capacity, you may instead use our Letter Packet service, where we send your letters of recommendation with a cover letter to medical or dental school.
  • If you decide that you do not want to apply to medical or dental school this cycle OR you would rather send a Letter Packet, you may withdraw your application for a Committee Interview by contacting MedOpp Advising Office.



If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact MedOpp Advising Office at