MedOpp Application Support Program (ASP) Events

Dates, times, and locations can be found on the MedOpp Canvas Page and in the MedOpp Newsletter. Email if you need to be added!

Fall Workshops and Events
Application Support Program (ASP) Orientation

This orientation will give an overview of considerations for the application year, including timeline, benchmarks, and strategies for focusing your efforts for the maximum impact. It will also include a self-evaluation and parallel timelines for planning a bridge year.

*The MedOpp Advising Office focuses on advising for medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and physician assistant, but allied health fields are welcome to participate in our workshops!

Fall Self-Assessment and CV Review

For students who are applying to medical, dental, optometry, podiatry, or PA schools, arrange an appointment with your MedOpp Advisor through MU Connect to review your completed and self-assessment during the fall semester.

Committee Interview Application Workshop

You will receive information about MedOpp Committee Interview application, process, requirements, etc.

Spring Workshops and Events
Personal Statement Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop where you will start working on your personal statement.
Following the Personal Statement Workshop, arrange an appointment with your MedOpp Advisor through MU Connect to review your first draft of your personal statement.

Interview Preparation Workshop

This is an interactive workshop where you will learn about successful interviews!

Centralized Applications Systems Workshop

These workshop covers the standardized application process and the steps that follow.