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For incoming students and students new to pre-med, -dentistry, -optometry, -podiatry, and -PA:

What Every Pre-Health Professional Should Know
After you’ve acclimated to the semester, it’s a good time to solidify your direction. We’ll talk about what factors to consider in exploring healthcare, how to build a compelling candidacy, what prerequisite courses you might want to choose, and how to fit it all in your undergraduate career.

How to Arrange Shadowing, Volunteering, Research, and Healthcare Experience
The name says it all – this workshop will go over how to find experiences that will help you solidify your direction in medicine, improve your science skills, and gain skills that will help make you a well-rounded candidate for pre-health professions programs.

For juniors and seniors entering the application year:

Application Support Program (ASP)
The Application Support Program (ASP, formerly known as the Medical and Dental Application Program (MDAP)) is for ANY pre-health professions students at MU who plan to apply to health professions schools next spring/summer.

ASP: Application Year Orientation
This orientation will give an overview of considerations for your application year, including timeline, milestone events, and strategies for focusing your efforts for the maximum impact. It will also include a self-evaluation and parallel timelines for planning a bridge year or beyond.

ASP: Fall Self-Evaluation and CV Review
Is now the right time to apply? After you attend the Orientation, schedule a one-on-one appointment with your MedOpp Advisor to go over your Self Evaluation and CV to talk it over.

ASP: Committee Interview Application Workshop
For students applying to medical and dental school, we offer a Committee Interview and a Committee Letter. This workshop will go over considerations, including how to solicit letters of recommendation and what to expect.